aint that bad

by Kegz



Selling out to corp america - cause thats what u do right/? oh


Egocentric homicidal
You don't go far by just going a mile
Mountain's can be hills
it seems

Your wanting a lot but giving a little
Your holding out, you can't deliver
That's why time laughs at you

Your trimming it down
Your playing it cool
Abide, coincide, go straight by their rules
It dont seem that bad

Your selling out for a coat and a tie
Your shaking their hands
Hellos and goodbyes
Youve gotta sign some papers

Who the hell is even running this place
This giant maze, it's one rat race
Someone said that before

Soon you realize your dreams have all died
“How could that be? Who took them from me?”
You did silly

Foreit it over
The shrug of your shoulder
Collapse of your hands, your getting warmer -
It takes time you see

That anything beginning in compromise
Is a falsehood of truth, a seat of lies
You just sit where you want

Comb your hair don't forget to smile
Dont if you wanna, no you ain't on trial
Deal those cards your way

It really ain't that bad, we just make it that way


released March 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Kegz Austin, Texas

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