live at tailor marshals

by Kegz



released April 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Kegz Austin, Texas

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Track Name: ur shadows - live at tailor marshals
man oh man getting sick of you
watching you through my window
when ur walking up and when your by my side

mr big shot know it all
ive never seen ur pen on paper
what are you really writing on your walls?

and you think that you know what u do
but you did not do
what you know what
you done did do
now you gotta pay for it
its what happens to you

dont talk to fast dont talk to slow
u dont want to over speed
oh no this tempo
more than it has been
Track Name: kickback kids
i dont mess with no kickback kids
i think i thought i was over it
but she dont write letters that well
it aint hard to tell x 2
Track Name: do you
do you
do what u do
do you buy what they say and do?
Do you think for yourself?
Hold Your Tongue when no one see's how you do

shes never coming back
hard reality, facing facts
doing what you do when your alone
hope no one calls
not pickin up the phone